The following trophies are awarded to the top wines/vineyards/growers of each class, with the best of the best being awarded the Bragato Trophy for Champion Wine of the Show.

Bragato Trophy for Champion Wine of the Show

The Bragato Wine Awards salute the vision of Romeo Bragato.  He is recognised as one of the founders of the New Zealand wine industry.  This trophy, for Champion Wine of the Show, salutes that vision.

Mike Wolter Memorial Trophy for Champion Pinot Noir

This trophy, crafted from 1,000 year old Kauri by Rolfe Mills, is in memory of Mike Wolter, a highly regarded and respected Central Otago viticulturist and winemaker who died tragically in his winery in 1997.

Alan Limmer Trophy for Champion Syrah

This trophy recognises the outstanding contribution of a modern day pioneer Alan Limmer who championed Syrah and the Gimblett Gravels sub region of Hawke’s Bay.

O-I New Zealand Trophy for Champion Emerging Red Wine

Tom McDonald Memorial Trophy for Champion Classical Red Wine

This trophy is named after Tom McDonald who pioneered modern wine making in Hawke’s Bay. He had a vision to produce outstanding red wines from the classical French varietals. The trophy was donated by Kevyn & Corinne Moore.

Richard Smart Trophy for Champion Rosé

This trophy is in recognition of the invaluable contribution by Dr Richard Smart, the globally recognised research viticulturist whose expertise in the field of canopy management transformed New Zealand viticulture in the 1980s.

New Zealand Frost Fans Trophy for Champion Sweet Wine

Glengarry Trophy for Champion Sparkling Wine

Friedrich Wohnsiedler Trophy for Champion Riesling

This Trophy is in memory of Friedrich Wohnsiedler who established the first commercial vineyard in 1921 and is considered a founder of the Gisborne wine industry.  The trophy was donated by Terry Dunleavy.

Brother Cyprian Trophy for Champion Pinot Gris

This trophy salutes the pioneering efforts of the Mission of the Society of Mary, the oldest winery in New Zealand. The trophy was donated by Ian Miller.

Nick Nobilo Trophy for Champion Gewürztraminer

Nick Nobilo is regarded as a pioneer of the modern New Zealand wine industry.  He has dedicated much of his career to producing world-class, single vineyard Gewürztraminer.

O-I New Zealand Trophy for Champion Emerging White Wine

Spence Brothers Trophy for Champion Sauvignon Blanc

This Trophy is dedicated to Ross and Bill Spence who planted the first 250 Sauvignon Blanc vines at the Spence Matua Road vineyard in 1969.

Bill Irwin Trophy for Champion Chardonnay

This trophy is awarded in memory of Bill Irwin who was influential in the early importation of various varieties of vine wood from Germany, California, and Australia, including Chardonnay. The trophy was donated by Dorothy Coulthard.

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